Bimbo Songtext
Bimbo Übersetzung
Who's she
Blowing kisses from the catwalk
Tell me
I really gotta - know!
Since when
Did you need another girlfriend?
Since when?
I really gotta - know!
She's been fakin'since day one
A friendly kiss includes no tongue
Who's she - Tell me
Now she's sleeping in my bed
Oh God I wish that she was dead
I need to know - who's the Bimbo?
Who's she
Looking goofy in a Gucci-dress
What's that
I really gotta - know!
Wich bone
In her body should I break first?
Wich one?
The Bimbo's gotta - go!
I know - it's sad
Sometimes I just loose my head
Boy I am getting so mad