Big Night Out Songtext
Axamillion morals, difference in opinion
I was with him, he had 7 jack and cokes in him
They had platform heels, nose job bills
And some look like their ill with the fucked up grill
Supermodels on my 'D', 1 2 3
He said "2 for you, 2 for me"
Face like a saint, suckin' like a sinner
Cocaine makes you thinner, cocaine makes you thinner

I got supermodels on my 'D' (3x)

Like Roger Grimsby on eye witness news
Man he'll tell you the truth while he's singin' the blues
Just like gasarama on Avenue B
He'll check under the hood, man he'll teach you Tai Chi
He laughed and with a gesture bought a drinks for the girls
He said "You gotta have the love in this fucked up world"
You gotta have the love in this fucked up world
You gotta have that sweet, sweet love
That keeps you warm at night - ooo bop bop shabba
You gotta have that love, for the world
the world ain't what it's cracked up, get it cracked up to be - ha ha ha
Shoo be doo bop bop

I got Supermodels on my 'D' (8x)

Can't you see, can't you see
That I got a supermodel on my 'D' (repeat to end)