Big 4x Freestyle Songtext

Stunna 4 Vegas

von Big 4x

Big 4x Freestyle Songtext
Ron on the beat, he chopped it
Four times, four times
Four, how you get this shit to go way stupid?

That lil' nigga could leak, he poppin’ (Uh huh)
Watch your freak, she eat, gimme nada (Thot-thot)
I took off in no time
He better not play with big four times
'Cause he say it's beef, we squash it (Come here)
Lil’ nigga, you broke, go see a doctor (Get him outta here)
Glock need to gimme a sponsor (Uh)
I turned up, went harder and harder
'Cause I seen it and I won't go back to the bottom (Turn up)
I'm finna sign a deal (Uh)
And buy a crib for my mama (Yes, sir)
All of my lil' niggas choppers (On gang)
I'm spendin' your salary in the mall when I'm shoppin’ (Racks)
Knew I was the shit as a toddler
Glock on my hip at the office (Pop, pop)
BDB, we ain’t givin' no offers
Keep these niggas mad, they probably won’t off us (Uh, damn)
He probably won't kill me (Yeah)
Not as nasty, I did 'em filthy (Bitch)
I need a ten, or better a fifty (Ten)
Hundred racks for a show, you want me in your city (Cash)
Ron on the beat, he chopped it (Uh)
I came in the booth and killed it (Killed it)
Body bag, zip (Murder)
These bitches pullin' on my pants, fuckin’ up my zipper (Ooh)
Baby told me you a winner (Uh)
I came in and go a beginner
Ooh, that lil' nigga colder than winter
These bitch niggas rats like Master Splinter (Pussy)
I just got a papercut thumbin' through the racks
Went and got straps on my set, got with it
I won't diss, y'all whack that nigga (Come here)
I ain't savin' hoes, I ain't no action figure (No)
I'm big four times (Four times), uh-huh
I'm a billion dollar nigga (Cash)
More money, more problems, nigga
I never been stupid, I'm a solve it nigga (Fuck)
That lil' nigga four times, Stunna 4 Vegas the rawest, nigga (On gang)
Hide your daughters, nigga (Huh?)
Big four times bigger than The Carter, nigga (Haa)
I put my city on my back (Uh)
I put some titties on my strap (Uh)
I paint a face, no Mac (Uh)
My niggas gon' go I say attack (Uh, uh)
She wanna fuck (Uh-huh)
She say I'm flashin' the racks (Come here)
He wanna smoke, let's match
Better come with an army, I'm runnin' a pack (Pussy)
We havin' straps
You woulda thought I bought these shits from Iraq
With equipment attached
Watch your bitch when I'm beatin' the back (Ooh)
Who you know come in the game and turn up this crazy?
Keep it a stack
Don't know nobody like Stunna 4 Vegas (Ha-ha)
Fuck it, we gon' leave it like that

Yeah, it's big four times, stupid