Before I Die Songtext


von Break The Cage

Before I Die Songtext
The snow is falling down just over me
i wonder how long i'll be there
i get lost in my mind
i take a look around and pray

how to fly with broken wings and touch the sky so far away ?

walking through suffering
i can feel the light which makes me live and makes me cry
burning from the inside
i try to find an other way to keep on smile
what you're expecting from me
what you're seeing when you look at me don't break me down
oh please gimme love and take my heart away
before i die..
gimme love

memories starts to clouding up my days
the time goes by , tears flowing on my skin
watching you from the ground i searching for a sign to live
don't cry and just believe

while screaming in the wind i wish that someone can save me
and hear me cry
i wish i could survive
into this world of lies


don't you hear me ?
all i need is just your love
can you hear me ?
all i need is just your love

(Merci à Sebastien Fontaine pour cettes paroles)