Beasts Songtext


von Last

Beasts Songtext
Bastion of beasts heed my call.
All things base are not banal.
To suck the wind and gnaw the tide
is not enough to stay alive.
So remind me why I'm here again?
I hate the old Ohio wind.
It kills you when it's coming in,
it kills you pending giving in.
And don't I know, its residue collects in my bones.
It's marrow curdling it singes my toes in my sleep.
But son, even if you stay,
you know nothing would stay the same way.
And if there's any other way
could we try that way instead of this one?
So if God's
own and only kid
showed up and would up dead
what's that say about all this?
You could raise all my dead friends
in hope I would notice.
Just some means to a dead end.
Just some mean, as in average.
You could praise until your heart bends,
and still not quite get it.
Are we together alone?
Or alone together?
I stayed in my room all day
mustering some meager praise.
They say a thing don't fit its phrase
It's symptomatic of this place.

I saw the light
I turned it off
I saw the light
It hurt my eyes

So how come when you say
I want to live for that time next year
you don't?
And how come when you say
I want to die by that time next year
you don't?
How could anything be worth this?
How could anything be worthless?
This is why you always run.
I can't explain it.
I saw the light?
And I burned my eyes out.
Nothing is wrong
until you find yourself out.
Wrong all along.

I saw the light
I turned it off