Be My Will Songtext
As it never would hurt
without feelings
i take your heart
to the land of shadows - forever
where the flames are burning
you will see
their faces
there's no pity for the one who will save his soul
left hand path
you're taking me
you're betrayed
i'm still with you
its a game of your mind
be free from pain
listen and obey

wherever you've been - i can release
no one's life will be
but now you go
and i can see
a flime is burning in my heart
houw can you be my will
hou can you be my will
if i can't stay
i can't believe in my own
but i can pray for me
i think they will know
do not be afraid
i am still with you
he never will catch you
something wil come
he sends the angels of death himself
a life for life
he breaks the circle