Bare Naked Songtext
Did you ever have that dream where you're walking naked down the street, And everyone just stares. Did you ever feel so deep that you speak your mind to put other strangers to sleep, You wonder if anybody cares. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who's day turned out unlike it had begun. And I feel... Bare naked and I just can't take it, I'm getting jaded, no, I just can't fake it anymore. Coz I'm bare naked and I know life's what you make it, Wish I could float away to some other day. Did you ever go downstairs to start your day but your car's not there, Yeah, you know the joke's on you. Did you ever try your luck with a pick-up line but you just sucked, You tell yourself it wasn't you. And I know it's hard to hold it inside, it's days like these I run and hide. When I feel... Chorus It's all a state of mind, but I don't mind, Trying to find a way to keep my head above the mess I make. What the world creates, sometimes it feels so good to let it all fall, As the world falls, I may fall, we only fall, And then the world comes tumbling down, down, down, down, down. Chorus x 2