Audio Addiction Songtext

Thomas Truax

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Audio Addiction Songtext
I must admit I've got this audio addiction

It's a serious affliction it's a life support system

I'd do most anything for the spiritual nutrition

That I find when I am lost inside my compact disk collection

I walk into work with my Walkman hair
A little disheveled and recessed from ear to ear

Might look a little funny but I do not care

With my soundtrack in my head I've got nothing to fear

I've gotta say I woke up blue but now I'm feeling born anew

Suspended in the phrases of a didgeridoo

Finding that song was like falling in love

I floated off the ground and I kissed the sky above

I am a slave To the audio wave

You scammers and you pushers and you street preachers

You snake oil salesmen and similar creatures
Keep in mind you might as well consider me dead

I'm in a world apart with these phones on my head

My audio addiction sends me on a mission

My Walkman and I we're going CD fishing

We're hanging out a lot around these record stores

Hey hey there Mister Virgin have you got a little more of that