Ashley Songtext
I got my young nigga rich in six months
Play with me, get your shit bust (no cap)
I'm the tour bus getting my dick sucked by a bitch with a big butt
I like my hoes to be freaks, nasty
Fuck all that going to sleep, smashing
They like to wear the same thing like they twins
Don't tell me your name, bitch, I'm calling you Ashley
The other one Mary Kay
I'm a nigga who started in Section 8
Shoutout to my Mama, she got up out it
Come touch me without dying, I highly doubt it
You know I'm sight with this shit
Lose a fight, I get life in this bitch
I don't pay 'em no mind when they typing and shit

He probably mad it's big 4X
4 Stunna put pipe in his bitch
I one night her, no lack in the bitch
I make her eat the whole clique
Lil freak, she suck the whole dick
I have a hoe wide open
She like "this lil nigga Stunna controlling"
Stunna the one, I'm chosen
In the mall, my stick poking
Leave your shit split, open
Put this all in the sky, have yo shit floating
That shit they kick, bogus
Act tough, my jit smoke 'em
I'm waiting on a nigga to trip on me
I'ma just empty the clip on 'em

Cross your boy, I'll hit a lick on 'em
Stick her tongue out her mouth, put my dick on her
And you get popped wherever I shop, in the mall with a knot and a stick on me
I need a coupon for that pussy
Cause you know I'm not paying for it
I fuck round and beat me a hater
Choke me a lil nigga out like it's Baby Boy
My bitch like Yvette, mhm, lil ghetto thing
Fuck round and get her wedding ring
She know I'm nothing like Jody
She ride my dick like a pony
I pop out and let off like I'm Tony
Oh, you wanna