Arrest The Planet Songtext

Lost Secret

von Queens Hall Of Science

Arrest The Planet Songtext
(feat. Seoul Kid Mike)

[Intro: G-Clef Da Mad Komposa]
Mortals, meet the immortals
Superior beings, from another plane of reality
Another thought process of existance
Exestential eurphoria, unknown to mankind
Women, pay attention...

[G-Clef Da Mad Komposa:]
Once again my rhyme blows up enemies
Rush 'em like amphetamines, you act like you'se a friend of me
But I'm rocking in a duo, you know, it's just the pen and me
All my so called friends? Deaded me
G-Clef, the musical Mason, Melchizedek never got the credit so I'm basin'
Facin' reality for the cosmos, exposin' fake ass bitches who oppose
Correct yaself, before it's too late
Cause even the voice of God says "G-Clef's great"
And my pockets is not phat, I find myself in the place that I'm at
Fuck the jews, fuck the Christians
They all mad ignorant and never listen
I diss men who's mortal, they fuckin' idiots
You don't combat in space with the angel race
How the fuck you goin' win?
When I dance on a nigga like a particle spin
Mortal, you die a permanent death, so dead it
Take it serious, when they tell you the Clef said it
Like hip hop, my word is bond
Word made flesh like a rapper, I'm fresh

[Chorus: G-Clef Da Mad Komposa (all)]
Arrest the planet (arrest the planet)
Arrest the planet (arrest the planet)
Arrest the planet (arrest the planet)
Arrest the planet (arrest the planet)

[Archangel Metatron:]
I'm a wise man, fuck a prophet in ya bible
Bring the end of time with my arrival
Inhale space, exhale planets
Mess with this, from existance you get banished
Cause I bring plague war and plus more
Bolts of lightning strike when I brainstorm
So trust, I been doin' lots of thinking
Bout how you love to live in this false existance
But I give it no sweat
Airplanes, fall from skies but you ain't seen nuthin' yet
Cause I'm bout to read Miranda's
On the planet Earth, so put ya hands up
As I read ya rights, I fight the night with light from mics
I'm holding tight in the hand that's right
So what's left? Nothing it's over
Your brain can't take it so it go supernova

[Chorus: Archangel Metatron (all)]

[Seoul Kid Mike:]
The Universe is what I will arrest
My skill posess the strength of Gilgamesh
As I build my strength, I will fulfill and bless
My prophecy, even it kills my flesh
Sick of the ignorance of human kind
We choose to die cause everyday we commit suicide
Livin' foolish lives, killin' each other in order to survive
Y'all waste time, when I run laps around the rings of Saturn
My thinking pattern shatters dissolves ya matter into nothingness
I'm bussing this rhyme outta either circumference
It's time to wake up from your deep sleepin' that's been
Keepin' you from reaching ethereal heights cause we stranded
Yo, I'm a arrest the planet

[Chorus: Seoul Kid Mike (all)]

[G-Clef Da Mad Komposa:]
Well I'm back, a dominant shade I'm an upgrade
A hip hop musician so listen as I get paid
To save the souls not just of wack emcees
But people, the bad, the good, the ugly, the evil
For some reason the planets going down in flames
Morals was carried on up to the break of dawn
An then stopped, people, ceased to cop
The message, they more concerned with what the flesh give
Just cause you can't see it don't mean it's not there
Cause what you see could be mad fake like ya hair
I shine a light that's birthed in the cosmos
Out of the darkness with more soul than gospel
A fossil to the young but to the old I'm hostile
Apostle on the M.I., I'm O.G. and a
Underground artist so please don't even chart this
Spittin' the truth, I don't lie like Paul of Tarsus
My anthology defines my cosmology
And far surpasses ya stupid anthropology
You people are dumb and mad limited
So passive aggressive, brainwashed and dimwitted
Fake criminals, transform into minerals
Incarcerated, your impact be minimal

[Chorus: G-Clef Da Mad Komposa (all)]