Another Songtext
Everything seen
Everything real
Everything that i was likely to reveal
Would i be writing it all down?
Or saying it aloud
Everything i think and feel

Before the fun begins
Before the party's started
After the work is done, all is complete

During preparation
Conflicts and resolutions
The one thing we agree is no retreat

Always looking forward
While living in the moment
Mistakes that we've all made we won't repeat

The sights we hope to see
Experience the feeling
The friends we don't know yet but hope to meet

All i can i do
is just follow through
And hope it all turns out ok...

For all the time it takes
For all the different reasons
That i would hesitate to make a move

Through all the numbered days
Through all the changing seasons
Then i would hesitate to follow through

Making the same mistakes
Using the same excuses
Still i cannot decide just what to do

For those that think the same
For those that share my feelings
i will now dedicate this song to you

All i can do
is just follow through
Hope it all turns out ok...

All the time it takes
The differences it makes
You and i are sure to make the same mistakes

Take it as it comes
Knowing all along
You and i were not prepared to act so strong

So strong...