Another Guy Songtext
I read her like a polygraph
Those things she said, they made me laugh
I never thought to wonder why
All she ever did was lie
But I'm not dumb
And I wont lie
I left her to go manipulate
Another Guy

He met her at the movie plex
An hour later they were having sex
She took his car and she left town
She left him with his pants down
He was dumb
And she lied
Shes off to manipulate
Another Guy

Another guy who wasnt smart
They had a quickie behind uni-mart
He had his fun, it wasnt hard
But now he's missing his credit card
This guy was dumb
And she lied
Now shes off to manipulate
Another Guy

She found a guy who had it made
Half an hour and he was leid
He said call me, my names Rick
The next day she was feeling sick
And she was dumb
She wished the doctor lied
Cause in nine months she'll be having her own
Little Guy