Anne Marie Songtext
Anne Marie, won't you dance with me?
I've been standing here so long I'm getting tired
Anne Marie, glory glory be
All by yourself you're just itching to be admired
Anne Marie, and I don't think this love of mine can get much stronger
Anne Marie, won't you marry me?
Hurry up, cause I can't wait one minute longer
All the time I look out of the windows I see
Stranger faces than I would imagine they'd be
A little bit obscure, but all the same they all need what I need
And that's true
I have seen a thousand girls on sawdust summer days
I have loved a million faces all in secret ways
And all of them were willing to be caught within my gaze
But none stays except you
Oh I remember waking up to every lonely moon
And as I lay there half-asleep I'd realize it's noon
The mind plays tricks and I play games with everybody's mind
A girl like you is what I thought that I could never find
Anne Marie won't you dance with me
Before the love we have gets distant and forgotten?
Anne Marie you just have to be
From the same soft place as lavender and cotton
Anne Marie what's it gonna be?
If you must say no, well then, I beg your pardon
But Anne Marie, if you'll marry me
Then we'll lay amongst the flowers in the garden
Oh naturally you'll see me in the shadows lying low
And hoping no one else will see as they pass by
And as I put the flowers on your doorstep I'm depressed
Because I know they'll bring a sweet tear to your eye
And time has come and gone for us
The songs all says there's nothing
But the memory that you and I have shared
But I can't help the things I wanna say to you
So let me carry on this way
Although it seems as though I'm only running scared
Oh Anne Marie, I need to know you're there
So tell me what I am to you right now Anne Marie
Just another summer crush like something off TV
Or is there something else that only you and I can see
Please tell me, cause I know
Oh Anne Marie you know you mean the whole world to me
The universe, the stars, the moon, and all the eye can see
So let me know you feel the same way and you want to be all that to me
And let's go
If it's really meant to be then I guess that you will say
The things that I have longed to hear since first you came my way
But if you cannot say them now, then I am fit to wait
A week, a month, a year for you
Forever and a day
Anne Marie, won't you dance with me?
Oh my poor heart just cannot handle being broken
But Anne Marie if it just can't be
Then I'll understand before the words are spoken
Anne Marie you can plainly see
What you represent to me is beyond words and
Anne Marie won't you marry me?
Ah, the answers yes, I know it, I'm quite certain
So Anne Marie, here's our chance to be
Something different, so we think, than all the others
Anne Marie, this is you and me
Not another pair of unenlightened lovers
Anne Marie, I just know that we cannot separate
You said it, I believe ya
Anne Marie, will you marry me?
Oh I love you and you know I'd never leave ya...