Angel of mercy Songtext

Collin Raye

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Angel of mercy Songtext
Heaven knows where I´d be now
If you had not found me
On that road that takes a man
To place he´s not meant to be.

I wasn´t ready for the touch
That turned my life around
Now I´m helpless in your hands
It´s love that ties me down.
Chorus :
Angel of mercy
Girl you take my breath away
And it feels so good it hurts me
To think that you might fly away
Can´t you see that I´ve surrendered
You stole this old heart blind
You´re an angel of no mercy
But I don´t mind.

Ain´t it strange how love can take
A heart that´s hard as steel
Hold it tightly in the fire
And teach that cold heart now to feel.

Touch me now, I´m still not sure
You´re truly flesh and bone
Heaven knows you can´t be from
This world that I live on.
Repeat Chorus