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Android Porn Songtext
[1st verse]
Note back with a classic, what you lookin' so shocked for
You knew that this was comin' bitch turn up your speakers
I burn thru the heaters, the type to spit flames at the sun
And put it out – put it simply, I'm hot bitch
Lasmosis on the track, no time and the bets off
Take shots? Turn that gun around and blow your own heads off
'Cause bitch I'll keep comin' like I'm Nikes in sweat shops
I ride this track till the wheels crack motherfuck a rest stop
Hit you in the back with the beat so hard you brace from it
Say nothin' or face someone in a league of their own
iRobot, Sunny/sonny take a seat you a clone
I forgot, others want a seat on the throne
But I won't let anybody beat me to home base
I'm so hot baby this the right time in the wrong place
Rap on dubstep bitch I kill it like road rage
Pause? No way, honey my best friends success
And I'm about to let this motherfucker lead the way

[2nd verse]
Heavy shit – never quit
Heaven sent – you scared of it?
Think that you prepared to spit? Embarrassment
Is all you'll ever get, you a pussy I'm the rapist call me therapist~

Tell me someone else you know like me -who spits it similar-
-Two hits of Ritalin- this is me calmed down
First class flight and I'm pullin' the bombs out
Like “Me Against the World motherfucker fuck peace I want war now!”
Loose lips and I'm pulling your jaw out
Back on my sick shit in my basement as I Fritzl your grandkids
Leave shit stains all over your damn crib
Like Cartman -redecorated-, fuck keep me medicated
No sleep in seven days kids reaching for my level
Never level headed when my foots down
You can't reach the pedal
Played like Jipetto this isn't the pot calling all you kettles black
How you critique my skills when all you've said is wack?
And when all is said and done
You've done nothing that you said you could have done
Rap industry or YOU – who YOU think really won?
Most of us are really dumb..
No scratch that, tear out your teeth and your tongue

Strapped with these insanities my rage is influenced
By pages and pages of music took me ages to do it
Now check what other rappers say and it's putrid
Get on stage and they're stupid
The games dying 'cause the players are useless
Yes to staying dated, saying nay to the new shit
You want to be an animal, that's why you're caged in the booth bitch
Chained to the ways of jumping thru hoops just to say you can do shit
Like bust guns you're the reason why I pray for this music
Every track you ever lay getting muted
Every stack you ever make probably getting recouped
Why can't you just stay true to the music
Before I taser you fluids pumped through your veins from a tube
Not on the same page, you looking lame like road rage in a buick
You got bars but come and see my cage when I lure you
Backstage, you're trapped – wait here till I get back with the chainsaw
And leave your brains all dangling from his neck while his head barely hangs on
I knew it but wouldn't say
I was hoping that you'd learn from mistakes
But you're Bewitched so you can burn at the stake
When I get on stage I take my soul and I put it to 110%
You can't do it you're just lazy you're thru with
Embrace change I'm insane but I use it
All the pain and the weight upon my shoulders is Broadway on my loose leaf
Say I'm fake bitch I say I'm the truest
I create from the heart
You can laugh but I know I can do it
You're GONE