And You Believe Them Songtext

The Disenchanted

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And You Believe Them Songtext
Wave your flag of freedom and democracy
Red, white and blue lies for the masses to believe
By the people, for the people, what a fucking joke
Brainwash me to believe I can change things with my vote
Democracy's a fallacy in this greatest of all lands
95 percent of the power lies in 5 percent of the hands
The rich are getting richer, they grow fatter every day
While the poor are getting poorer, they're just withering away

I've seen through the lies (and you believe them)
That you've tried to force feed me
And I've grown to despise (and you believe them)
This bullshit that you call democracy

Get them while they're young, before they learn the system stinks
Teach them how to read and write, tell them what to think
Blind them with your stars, gag them with your stripes
Force memorization of information that will never help their lives
Mold their virgin minds how you want them to be
Reward thinking your way, punish creativity
Limit their autonomy, destroy their self-esteem
Then give them false hopes of the American dream

You'll see me dead in a body bag
Before you'll ever see me pledge allegiance to your star spangled rag

Your media tells stories of holocausts so far away
But covers up atrocities right here in the USA
Sick, impoverished people are dying in the streets
But if their hearts pumped oil, health care would be free
Wage your war on drugs each and every day
Don't let the word get out that they're made by the CIA
And dumped into the cities to keep the poor suppressed
Because you're their biggest enemy and they're your biggest threat