Amy Songtext
Well I find that I'm a sucker
For reactions
I fall for it
Even if it's the slightest trip
That's it
She's just sweet
And she's funny
And that's who she is
I can barely wrap my head
Around this
Well I'll remember your smile
And the way you taught me to live
You made living worth while
With that loving feeling you give
you give
I miss you

I don't want to fall this time
Well it's hard enough to keep a straight line
And I won't
I can't wait to meet her
To see her face
It's all I want these days
A different taste

No I don't want to dream of you
It's harder when you want me to
I just try to look on through
And hope to be over you soon

Well I miss you
Ohh.. ohh..

Who knew one night could change so long
I just can't explain to you what's wrong
Who knew one night could change
So so long