Among The Wolves Songtext

The Autumn Offering

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Among The Wolves Songtext
Vampires fled to foreign lands,
asylum for the disconnected
Hope died within his hands,
a shroud for the protected.
Preying on the blood soaked lamb, destruction complete.
Is this the American dream?

A man of no compassion, wages war of attrition, to awaken the beast within.
It's coming back around.
Have you forgotten me?
For the wounded I stand.
You fled when you left the broken.
The curtain's falling down for you.
Can't hide again.
They hide the scars, the shame.
The rapist across the sea.
Who will hunt down the wolf?
When our own country fails us,
are we so far gone into the flames?
Burn Hollywood to the ground.

Salt the ground, buried face down.
(Stand among serpents)
The western world in thrall.
All you motherfucking bleeding hearts,
let the oceans swallow you all.
The knife rises,
the noose tightens,
no man can escape his fate.