Amateur Songtext
Janine, just 19
Joined a pyramid scheme
Didn't think it mean
To inflate her estate - left it too late
Broke her dreams, broke her friends
Who said "Courtesy is dead"
And now a piece of Farnborough
Is looking like Tiranha
She's banking on the fee
She'll get from ITV

Rethink, refrain
Don't pull the choke chain

Karl, frozen smile
Got himself a mobile
Got a house, one wrinkle
Couldn't get a signal
Pretty fast put a mast
On the neighbouring flats
A little girl called Jill
Will become very ill
But that is years away
So who gives a hey?

5 star review - who?
Bought a new LP
Had to agree
With the critic - really dug my lyric
Tolerate all the people who hate
When they walk all over you
Oh, baby, what you're gonna do?
Get a Corinthian view
Wear the pink and blue