All My Life Songtext
All my life, all the years that I have spent with you Were they a dream made sweeter by your smile? All of those days I think of now Wondering when will I see you again Now and then I speak out just as if you were there And all the music of your voice that echoes Through my heart and fills my mind Somehow makes the silence easier to bear But there are times when I think of what life will be like When the children have grown and I?m afraid to be alone Looking at them I can see everything I treasured in you They have your way of speaking with their eyes, They have your laughter now and then I look at them and I see you again Oh my love, how I loved you, you?ll just never know And in my heart I just grow older every day that were apart With all the memories of long ago And all the beautiful things that I wanted to say And that stayed in my head Somehow never got said So much to learn, there is so much to learn about love And I?ll wait until then, till the day when I see you again When will I see you again