All About You Songtext

Lukas Rieger

von Compass

All About You Songtext
Oh, yeah
I'm usually the one
Usually the one not thinkin' bout love

But oh girl
Since you came along
You don't change the game
I'm going gone

I come alive
When I look into your eyes
Girl nothing else seems to matter
Cause girl you get all the shine

It's all about you
It's been you all this time
All about you
Only one on my mind

It's all about you-u-u-u
Oho oh oh oh oh
Oh you-u-u-u-u
Oho oh oh oh oh
It's all about you

I'm not gonna lie
Feels some type of way
Do you feel the same?
Hope it ain't one way
More than butterflies
Know it ain't a phase
Look at what you do
What you do to me