Alarm Sounds Songtext

Bedford Drive

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Alarm Sounds Songtext
6 am alarm sounds i'm roused from bed
throw cold water in my face to clear my head
put on a tee and jeans in the dark
and step downstairs and drive to a place that only you'd know where
i think for a while
i pick up the phone dial your area code and some more tones
and i say hello
i miss you
when you least expected it
when you least expected me to call
when you least expected it
it's like i never even left at all

6 am alarm's loud i'm roused from bed
can't get the sound of your voice out of my head
what you said last night starting to sound right
and it's echoing can't hear nothin' else
it's echoing loud
and the echoes are deafening
and i can't help it
i can't help it
i miss you

all this time spent thinking of you
deciding what the hell i should do
trying not to be so confused

what'd you think i meant when i said we were meant to be together?