A Threaded Needle Songtext

Lotus Plaza

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A Threaded Needle Songtext
You've had too much to drink
As the past casts a shadow
It's fingers in your hair
Reminds you what's no longer there

With the cuts that scar your mind
Afflictions that don't heal with time
You slowly map the fading lights
In the parking lots of these endless nights
And yet.
And yet..
And yet...

Driving in the morning light
The streets we passed early that night
You're almost home but you couldn't care
It's just a room there's nothing there

Tomorrow will be just the same
A different room a different name
You've told yourself you'd be alright
In the funeral of the nightlife

"A threaded needle is love
For ones as lost as us
What would god say to me?
What could god say to me?"

And yet.
And yet..
And yet...