A Little Cocaine Songtext

Lee Clayton

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A Little Cocaine Songtext
After two years of thinking about you
When I heard you were looking for me
And I drove day and night just to be by your side
I wanted you so desperately
And I found you in a sleazy apartment
Acting kind of strange
And you said could you give me a cigarette
or maybe a hit of cocaine

Well god I just wanted to hold you
To touch and eat you alive
I remember the taste and the smell of your skin
And the way that you felt inside
But you said let's go and see big John
I hear he just got off a plane
It might be nice to see him
Maybe he'll have some cocaine

Well I said that I must do some business
A late night radio show
Cause you know when you're trying to make it these days
That's part of the road
But you said let's meet at eleven
And you kissed me goodbye in the rain
And you whispered I love you my darling
I'll try to bring some cocaine

Well I came back to you after midnight
And the lights and the music were on
And I knocked and I Knew you were dancing in there
But for me there was no one at home
And I cursed and I cried this is crazy
Damn it that woman's insane
But I said well I guess I've been stupid
Over something like a little cocaine

There's a place and a time that I'll see you
We'll drink some more rose wine
But this time I'll come to you just as a friend
Not a man with a woman on his mind
That moment is gone forever
And the chance to heal some pain
And you blew it babe oh you blew it babe
For a few lousy lines of cocaine

Yes you blew it babe oh you blew it babe
And I wouldn't have done you the same