A Holocaust In Front Of God's Eyes Songtext

Naer Mataron

von Aghivasiin - Lessons On How To Defeat Death

A Holocaust In Front Of God's Eyes Songtext
Pure primordial feeling, brutal feeling
A wolf pack wander in my mind
Burn, plunder, destroy, total war
Philosophize by looking the luminary sun
Konx-om-panx, the mystery is over

Once I saw a Christian church
I looked it with pure primordial exe
It smells me this rottenness of Jehovah
This cheapness of the subhuman of the cross
I saw the flames burning the son of God and his saints

Day by day, year by year
You fade away, you get lost

In the new millennium and for the values that have been lost
I dream the world without the subhuman of Jehovah
I announce the return of the Overman
Who brings back all the sign of the Yggdrasill
All the amenities of the drama of life
For those of the blood
Who gave it in the battle
For those of the blood
A holocaust in front of God's eyes