"Wait 'Til You Hear From Me" Songtext

Sarah Conner

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"Wait 'Til You Hear From Me" Songtext

This song is about Maria

A close friend of mine

Who lost herself in drugs

She told me to wait for her
But guess what...

She never came back

And I'm still waiting

She told me:


Wait 'til you hear from me

Monday, Tuesday it won't be

Wednesday, Thursday we will see

If only you can wait baby

Wait 'til you here from me

Friday use your fantasy

Saturday you got over me

If only you can wait baby

[verse 1]

She was called Maria and she really was a friend

I remember when we were walking hand in hand

She was telling me that she understands

All the world and every thrill by taking little pills

So she was trying everything and more

Alcohol and speed, coke and weed and tried to score

Tragedy: she didn't feel much better than before

So she got away here quick to find a better kick


Never let it - wanna find her

Can't forget it - to remind her

She's my sister - wanna tell her

How I miss her - she told me



Wait - don't call you've got to

Wait 'til you hear from me

Wait - that's all you've got to


[verse 2]

When she arrived in the city of the stars

Blinded by the lights, a burning in the heart

She believed to play what she called her part

A member of society to satisfy her dreams

No one paid attention on her skills

So she found crack is another way to fill

The emptiness inside right now she got her thrill

Guess, who gave his life away? she did it every day




Why did she throw her life away?

Why did she say don't call just wait?


If you wanna go to the city of stars

Can you help me to find my girl Maria

She once was an actress and a beauty queen

Then the drugs took over and made her mean

I tried to stand by her side make her feel alright

But she wished to get over to the other side

And since I can't really get her out of my mind

I'm asking you, won't you help me to find

She told me