¼ Life Crisis Songtext


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¼ Life Crisis Songtext
Worry plays and lays real heavy on my mind

I worry about if this world is ever gonna be alright

If she will ever put down her glasses of wine

If he will learn to let his stubborn male pride

While I remain unsatisfied inside
About demons they pound at my door every night

I worry if I'm ever gonna be able to do it right

And if go wrong will I notice or be blind?

I try not to lie to anyone but me

Honesty plays host to my integrity

Standing near me you'll feel new energy

Accepting consequences and responsibilities

There's no key, guide, map or secret

Just look at yourself for real but don't dream it

Take those emotions now, begin to feel it
Think it, say it, do it, be it.


This is my ¼ life crisis

I'm slowly finding

Knowledge through rhyming

Ain't about the stylin'

It's all about climbing up out of this hell

And tryna find some faith in myself

I can't remember clearly most of my younger days

My memories are blurred opaque and all fazed

Sounds and smells throw me back to times I'd forgotten

Before I had credit, pubic hair and was hip-hopin'

Childhood is all you ever knew in your life

Then you are an adult with no manual help or guide

Suddenly you hit about the age of 25

You now realise with some experiences on your side

That life ain't easy and it works much differently

It feels like it smiles at the same time it's kicking me

Struggling real hard with debt and money management

Tryna change the unchangeable factors of my environment

For so long now I've been steady fighting

When I should have been rhyming, being not trying

I feel like we're trapped in the cage we build ourselves

And why do I smoke if it's bad for my health


Power is given unto you so great

Tangible fantasy is what you can create

Lead a better life with only one rule

Love you. Love me. Love us. Love all

Let positivity start right here with you

It don't matter if you couldn't fit on the tube

Or if he accidentally stepped on the back of your shoe

Or when she's being unnecessarily rude

Be true to your self and work on accepting

Life is remembering not learning a lesson

These words I write mean nothing as real

As the thoughts, experiences and feelings I feel

Words are just versions of these true three

Let expectancy be your psychology

Gotta keep going don't get down and depressed

Sit there unwashed not eaten not dressed

Look at life fresh, approach new angles

Learn to be less so emotionally tangled

Get up, get out and change all into positive

You've the power to do whatever your heart may wish

Let no one tell you different, they haven't realised

That you're as grand as the sea land or sky

So very beautiful like a dew covered rose

And as special as the first day this I do know