940.547'243 Songtext


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940.547'243 Songtext
You know how to get what you want,

and what you want is everything.

Prey on the naive ignorant,

use their confusion for your gain.

I won't listen to all of your lies

and falsities.

I don't know how you can expect

me to believe.

Finding the angry and confused,

telling them what they want to hear.

Spooning out easy answers that,

don't stand up under scrutiny.

Your anger misdirected due to ignorance and fear.

Your motives are apparent, but your reasoning unclear.

Ignorance and lies,

confusing hate with pride.

Insert a bible anally.

Changing the context; misquoting.

Manipulate it for yourself,

until they believe what you say to.

You question other's honesty and

say it's they who lie,

when buried in bulldozered graves

are six million replies.