7 Years Songtext
We're looking at each other with our discontented eyes.
We're both waiting for that moment to arrive, when things wont't be so fucking boring and we're not fighting for hours on end. Why can't it just be like the days we first met. Just like 7 years ago. Those 7 years, you just don't throw them away. But if that's the only reason for our love to survive, then maybe it's better to get on with our lives. But you won't say it and I am too scared to ven think about anything like that. Why can't you just hold me, so I can lay my head on your sholder. Just like 7 years ago. The magic's gone.....I slowly close my eyes. They try to hide my tears. Ocean blue turns to grey on this heart-rending day. Words I'm about to say. I thought that the heart was just a muscle, how can it possibly hurt this much. I've got so many questions, so many things that we must do. Who will love me when you're gone.