24 Hour Party Girl Songtext

Lady Bones

von Dying

24 Hour Party Girl Songtext
Make me feel like a woman tonight
Feed my soul make me healthy make me right
I can't sleep without you in my head
The millionth time that I replay what you said
Tried to feel like the alpha dog
Want to be a new wave god
Where's my home cause I'm lonely and I'm tired
So turned on by a million little eyes

I wish life was as easy as the movies
The good guy carries a pistol and protects you when you cry
The quickdraw cowboy wasn't quick enough for me
They broke my heart

She's all the rage cause she goes all the way
How am I supposed to compete with that
I'll make damn sure you remember my name
Even if you go home with that rat
My daddy lied it feels good to be dumb
And wallow in the shit of my mistakes

So make me feel like I used to before
When I was a child and life was knocking at my door
Cause I was never old enough to see that it's all bullshit