20th Century Girl Songtext

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20th Century Girl Songtext

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20th Century Girl Songtext my doctor
asked me
what are you going to wear
for the party tonight?

the clothes i like
are 20th century clothes
i like old fashioned
bizarre stuff
a fake fur coat
boots with high heels
and a miniskirt
(you like miniskirts don't you)

hey dj tonight
i feel like dancing
i want a groovy cord
a 20th century cord

i'm old fashioned
i was born in the 20th century

i'm a 20th century girl

my doctor
asked me
shall we have something to eat
what kind of food do you like?

i like fast food
i like junk food
i like to eat
as i watch telly

please dj
play it right now
a groovy cord from
the 20th century

you are old fashioned too
you were born in the 20th century

20th century girl

la la la la la

please dj
play more
groovy cords from
the 20th century

my doctor
said to me
i'll give you a ride home
come on get in the car
i like to go on dates
riding a new car
lay down the seats and
just stay like that
dating until morning

i'm a 20th century girl
20th century girl
la la la la (repeat)
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20th Century Girl Lyrics